Q. I have received the initial letter to announce a particular search. I would like to submit my resume but must do so confidentially. What is my first step?
A. You can submit a cover letter and cv/resume to: search@mccormackkristel.com and we will attach your resume to the search for which you have applied. Our consultant will make a determination if there’s a match and will set up an initial phone screen, if so. We guarantee your information will remain confidential until you reach the final stages of the search when you will have to inform your employer that you are an active candidate.

Q. I don’t see compensation ranges for the searches on the site. Why not?
A. When working with the client, we are given a range of compensation that is decided jointly, based on our market research as well as the client’s projected, budgeted compensation. Because the client can change this amount, depending on the candidate and the situation, we don’t discuss a specific number until we have our finalists for the position.

Q. I have received communication from you about the announcement of a search. How did you find me?
A. Our research staff works extensively on the internet and through reliable sources from previous searches to identify qualified candidates (prospects). We may have identified you through an internet search, or you may have been referred to us by someone who has asked to remain confidential. We are happy to identify our source with permission.

Q. I would like to be on an email list for upcoming searches with McCormack+Kristel. How can I make that happen?
A. Simply email our office at: search@mccormackkristel.com and we can make sure you are on our mailing list. It’s beneficial to let us know if you are active seeking a new position, just open to attractive opportunities or you are interested in opportunities for others. Please tell us what your interests and objectives are.

Q. I would like to know more about a particular search. The information is not on the website. Is there a way that I could send a general email?
A. Please email: search@mccormackkristel.com with your questions and the appropriate person in our office will be happy to follow up with you regarding your questions.

Q. I feel uncomfortable having you call and/or email me at work. What can I do to get the information sent to my home email and/or phone instead of my office/workplace?
A. We are happy to follow up with a home address or personal phone number by request. To change the contact information we have on file for you, contact: search@mccormackkristel.com.

Q. There are other firms that work with non-profit organizations. Why should we consider McCormack+Kristel?
A. The combined experience of 50 plus years between Joe McCormack and Michelle Kristel in searches for non-profits and experience working the non-profit sector will be a major plus for any organization. Our consultants have served as Executive Directors and board members, so we have personal experience with the issues and challenges facing our clients.

Q. Is there any room for negotiation when it comes to fee payments?
A. That would be decided upon after meeting with McCormack+Kristel and reviewing the challenges involved in the search. We are willing to work on a fixed fee basis and to consider an extended billing plan.

Q. What is your usual timeline from start to finish, for a search?
A. A search generally takes from 90-120 days. Occasionally, a search is extended despite our best efforts. If this is the case, we will re-group and ensure that we have an effective strategy and timeline to bring it to closure.

Q. I would like to end the search because we are re-structuring, we have decided not to fill the position or for any other reason. Assuming there is a fee, how is that structured?
A. The unbilled portion of the fee is pro-rated to the date of cancellation. There may also be costs if we have done any research, traveling, or other administrative work on the engagement.