Lorri Jean

I’ve been using the services of McCormack+Kristel for a decade. Over the years, I’ve tried many search firms but none have provided the consistent level of service that I get from Joe and his team. The most recent search was a terrific example. I was looking for a new Development Director—in my experience one of the most difficult positions for which to find stellar candidates. To add to my worries, several organizations in our sector were looking to fill the same position. Thus, I was very concerned about how the candidate pool would develop. As it turned out, we ended up with a small group of finalists, any of whom could have done the job. Instead of having only one finalist, I had several really good ones to choose from! The person we hired had not been looking for a job. He applied because Joe called him and talked to him about the position. McCormack+Kristel excels at that kind of strategic recruitment.

Lorri JeanExecutive DirectorLos Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center